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Purple Tandem Bike on cream narrow.jpg

When I was growing up, the kids on my street shared something very special— an old purple tandem bike. Although the tandem lived in Mr. Eaton’s garage, it was fair game every morning to any kid on the street. On Saturday mornings, it was a race to Mr. Eaton’s house to claim the purple tandem. (I was lucky – Mr. Eaton lived right next door!) Driving the purple tandem was a treat, but it was only fun when you had someone along for the ride. What good is a purple taxi without a passenger? Or a purple ambulance without a patient? Two people sharing their imagination made riding the purple tandem exciting and fun. 

For me, writing is a lot like riding my neighborhood’s beloved purple tandem bike. I can write stories for myself, but the magic really happens when I can take someone along for the ride.    

So, hop on!