Children's Writer


Picture Books

I have a collection of stories about things you find in nature, things you might not find in nature unless you know the magical places to look, things that happen to most kids, and things most kids wish would happen. Picture books are the perfect tandem bike ride— I have to leave room for an illustrator to hop on and tell the other part of the story through amazing art.

Chapter Books

I’m working on a Green STEM chapter book idea now about a group of neighborhood kids who discover real problems in their community – backyards, parks, school buildings – and use their smarts and sleuthing abilities to solve the problems and make a difference for their town and the world. I’m using what I’ve learned in my environmental career to write this one. It’s never too early to start saving the planet.

Middle Grade Novels

I’m also revising a middle grade novel about an 11 year old struggling with friends, family secrets, and forgiveness. No purple tandems in this one, but some of my 13 favorite things are sprinkled throughout!